Getting back to the routine...

I am back to blogging, at least for the summer.  When I opened up my account it was amazing how many draft posts I have started, clearly I want to keep up but am just running out of time.  For those of you that read blogs regularly what post frequency do you prefer, every day, week, a few times a month?  

So before I get back to a routine, I feel like I should review what I have been up to and why I was so distracted from blogging this past school year.  Here are some of the key highlights:

- Still teaching 5th grade with an amazing team, being a PLC is just natural for us, we are always talking/planning/analyzing

- 27 students this year, small for what I have been used to in previous years, we built such a great community I miss them this summer

- I was able to add in more of the science and social studies lessons that I have connected to the ELA standards and plan to continue to do that this next year

- Served on my district's Science and Math Curriculum Committees

- I knew I taught at a great school but we were able to showcase it by applying and being awarded the Arizona Educational Foundation's A+ Award.  That award was the work of many hours of work during evenings and Fall Break that my colleagues and myself put into, while it might have taken a lot of time, it was worth it!  

- Served on my school's PTA as a teacher rep and was able to attend and help at some great events from a family BINGO night to ringing up orders at McDonald's and so much more.  

- Was awarded my school's Teacher of the Year award, something I felt very undeserving to be awarded, a truly humbling experience

- Started work on a new endeavor: serving on the state Science Standards Committee.  A few years ago I was unsure what to do with this large book I had received, "A Framework for K-12 Science Education," now to be utilizing the research from it is really stimulating. 

- Hosted my class' first portfolio night outside of campus, grateful to the Microsoft Store for their facility and all they did to make the night so much fun for my student's, their families, and myself!

- I did not trip or fall during the staff vs. 6th grade kickball game...success!  We continued our winning streak

I am sure there are many more items I am forgetting, but this and a lot more kept me super busy.  I am looking forward to trying to keep track of it more and share what is working for me in my classroom.


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