Not surprising but...

I recently read an article about science engagement and the way students learn 

I am passionate about Science and Social Studies education.  Whether this instruction be at a pre-k to a high school level, students experience in the K-12 Science classroom matter.  Per the infographic below by the Amgen Foundation Teachers are a top influence if students choose a biology career.  Furthermore, students are asking for more engagement in their science classrooms.  

I work to provide a student focused and engaged science classroom through the use of the Engineering Design Process, Questions-Claims-Evidence, and problems that lend nicely to project/problem based learning.  To do any of these things you definitely need a strong classroom community and collaborative grouping can help students build their knowledge and science vocabulary with one another.  What do you do?

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.14.24 AM.png

Infographic via Amgen Foundation via Education Week article, I saved this about a year ago and I forgot to save the link to the article too.  If I find the link to the article I will add it back at another time.


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