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First Craft of the Summer: Decorated Magazine Holders

<----Take this

Make this--->

How?  Why let me show you...

You'll need the following:

scissorstape2 pieces of 12'' by 12'' scrapbook paper a magazine holder, I got mine from Ikeablack cat (optional) :)

 1. This works best with thinner scrapbook paper (that is the tan in the pics and the blue is super thick and was hard to work with), begin by meeting two pieces in the middle of one of the sides.  I have moved them to different sides of the box depending on the pattern and how I want it to look.  
2. Now cut down the shape of the magazine holder and you'll get some extra paper, cut this so you have as big of chunk as possible, if you cut it just right you can wrap that piece around so that all of the pieces meet.  Then tape on the bottom and tops of the paper so the tape is wrapped around the holder.  If you want the holders to have a circle (it is already in the cardboard) for grabbing the racks then I just recommend cutting with scissors by making a slit up an…

What is this and why Imagination Sparkles?

My goal is for this to be a lifestyle blog with musings about travel, life, crafting, teaching, and so much more!

Why Imagination Sparkles?  Because it is the sparkles, the very spark of our imagination that have created the most brilliant, exciting, and innovative ideas from science to art to technology to literature and more.  As an educator this spark is what we work for, it is what we strive for everyday in the classroom.  In our life it is filled with hundreds, thousands, millions of sparkles that turn into glimmering pieces of imagination sparkles.  Ideas from decorating to fashion to teaching to travel to great books and to fun movies.  So what are the sparkles your imagination creates?  How are you going to use them today?!