Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Foldable

As a teacher I have been fortunate enough to get to partake in lots of cool Professional Development over the years and I remember immersing myself deeply into foldable activities.  As the years have gone on I typically use some of the same foldables but I also get busy and tend to forget.  I am teaching math summer school this summer which allows me to focus on teaching 6th grade math for over four hours a day to the same group of kiddos.  I absolutely love it!  It is also giving me ideas to see what students struggle with and how I can create products centered around their needs.  The neat thing is I am going to use a lot of these in my own 5th grade math class during the school year, after all so much of what I am working on are foundation building math skills.  

I have really been working a lot on my interactive notebooks for each subject area over summer break.  The math notebook is one I'd like for students to leave with in 5th grade and use to move on to 6th, especially since the standards change more sharply as they move to the 6-8 band and 5th needs to be the year they master all their previous skills.  I was inspired by reading lots of different teacher blogs, watching what my kids needed these past couple of weeks, and of course Pinterest, where a friend sent me a great foldable from Middle School Math Moments on ratios.  Check her site and store out; I love reading blogs from teachers in middle and high school.  All of this was when I realized I needed to put my fraction foldable together and I needed to get it into my kids' interactive notebooks.  

So take a look and go download my foldable, be prepared because if you guys like it I see it being one of the first of many!  I'll add to this after I use it in clas too :)


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