The Lunches Kids Bring to School

I watched this video, I love what Jamie Oliver is trying to do about raising awareness about food, nutrition, and our food system.  I recently watched this video and became really uncomfortable with it.  First, I am assuming his cursing is either fake or happenining after the kids leave.  Second, I don't ever want to shame my kids about what they are eating. I have seen lunches like this before and it definitely concerns me, however I want parents and those getting kids ready for school to feel empowered.  I work in a district that the lunches are not as healthy as the school lunch shown here, so when I see kids bring their lunch to school I know many times it is due to their parents wanting to provide them with more quality, variety, and nutrition.  Other times it is about cost, families that don't qualify for free or reduced lunch are equally concerned with the cost and can purchase and provide a lunch that meets their families budget.  

So after all my worries I was excited to find this resource...100 days of real food for school lunches.  If you aren't familiar with this resource it is a site that provides tips, recipes, and more to remove processed food from your diet.


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